In March 2013, zhuhai entered tian tian electronic technology co., LTD., mainly based on OEM processing;
In April 2014, ODM was developed and designed mainly with software and hardware design and development.
In January 2015, the software, hardware and structure were all developed independently;
In May 2015, multi-online (1) line controller was developed, and the development ability was recognized by haixin Hitachi.
In August 2016, we need to expand the scale of the company to the 2nd floor, building A, no.7, no.7, west third road, nanping science and technology park.
In October 2016, the sales volume of the company was first broken.
In November 2016, I completed the development of the full-screen touch TFT color screen 86 line controller, and developed the ability to go up another step.
In December 2016, passed ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certification and certificates;
In May 2017, we will add high-speed SMT patch machine and automatic production testing equipment.
In July 2017, we will increase the equipment of the laboratory: thunderstorm surge, pulse group, static electricity, high frequency noise, cold and heat shock box, constant temperature and humidity box and salt spray experiment box, etc.